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The French group Phoenix draw elements from their eclectic ’80s upbringing to arrive at a satisfying synthesis of rock and synthesizers. Vocalist Thomas Mars, bassist Deck d’Arcy, and guitarist Christian Mazzalai were a garage band based out of Mars’ house in the suburbs of Paris. Mazzalai’s older brother Branco joined the band on guitar when his band Darlin’ disbanded in 1995. The group got its touring start on the French bar circuit doing Hank Williams and Prince covers to drunken audiences. Two years later the band took on the name Phoenix and pressed 500 copies of a single on its own label, Ghettoblaster. The A-side was a punk rock song and the other a chugging Krautrocker, hinting at their eclectic tastes. Shortly after, they were signed to the Paris-based Source Records. Phoenix became well acquainted with labelmates Air when they acted as their backing band on several U.K. TV appearances. The result of the electronic exposure was a single called “Heatwave,” which was very similar in approach to ’70s disco. United, the group’s debut album, appeared in 2000 on Astralwerks and was recorded over two months. The album featured guest appearances from friends and family, including Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk), Philippe Zdar (Cassius), and d’Arcy’s mother’s choral society on the track “Funky Squaredance.” From that point, they issued Alphabetical (2004), It’s Never Been Like That (2006), and their mainstream breakthrough, the critically adored Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (2009). Part of the extended break between the third and fourth albums was due to Mars becoming a father (with his partner, director Sofia Coppola, Rovi. See Also Phoenix’s >Lastfm

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2000. United
2004. Alphabetical
2006. It’s Never Been Like That
2009. Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Hot Tip:

everything is everything (Alphabetical )
run run run (Alphabetical )
victim of the crime (Alphabetical )
holdin’ on together (Alphabetical )
(you can’t blame it on)anybody (Alphabetical )
Consolation Prizes (It’s Never Been Like That)
Long Distance Call (It’s Never Been Like That)
Too Young (United)
If I Ever Feel Better (United)
Lisztomania (Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix )
1901 (Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix )
Fences (Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix )


Emiliana Torrini is a half Icelandic, half Italian singer. Prior to her appearance on the worldwide stage, she released 3 other albums in Iceland: “Spoon” in 1994, “Crouçie D’où Là” in 1995, and “Merman” in 1996. In November 1999 Emilíana Torrini released her international debut album, “Love in the Time of Science”,in a style clearly directed to Trip Hop. “Fisherman’s Woman” is a very different beat, it’s dripping with sadness but more frequently imbued with almost magical optimism. signified a departure from her earlier electronic roots to an acoustic-folk sound; applying the ethereal beauty of her voice in a much more intimate setting.”Me And Armini” is Emilíana Torrini’s most captivating, ambitious album. Unveils a more adventurous new side of her musical personality but sacrifices some of the emotional intensity. Me and Armini  runs a gamut of emotions within its melodies and compositions.So, listen up one of the best albums of 2008.

Discography Download:

1994 – Spoon
1995 – Crouçie D’où Là
1996 – Merman
1999 – Love in the Time of Science
2000 – Rarities
2005 – Fisherman’s Woman
2008 – Me and Armini

Hot Tip:

Jungle Drum – (Me and Armini)
Me and Armini –  (Me and Armini)
Bir Jumps –  (Me and Armini)
Birds –  (Me and Armini)
Gun –  (Me and Armini)
Fisherman’s Woman –  (Fisherman’s Woman)
Heartstopper –  (Fisherman’s Woman)
Sunny Road –  (Fisherman’s Woman)
Dead Things –  (Love in the Time of Science)
Baby Blue(Love in the Time of Science)

Music Hot Tip – Feist

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Feist is a Canadian singer, who has a soft voice and engaging, these attributes alone are enough for a good acceptance, but surely these aspects are taken less relevance when looking at the compositions and especially the rhythm. It is very easy to become “addicted” to the musics of Feist. I for one, am listening during several weeks “Mushaboom” and “Secret Heart”, and cannot stop!  See also Feist’s>Lastfm


1999. The Monarch
2004. Let it Die
2006. Open Season
2007. The Reminder

Mushaboom……………….(Let it Die)
One Evening……………….(Let it Die)
Secret Heart………………..(Let it Die)
Inside & Out………………..(Let it Die)
So Sorry………………………(The Reminder)
I Feel It All………………….(The Reminder)
My Moon My Man……….(The Reminder)
1234…………………………….(The Reminder)

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