Do you like Jazz? Do you like house? So you’ll very probably love Parov Stelar. Parov Stelar aka Marcus Füreder is a musician who lives and works in Linz, Austria. Despite the high quality of his sound, I really don’t understand why he is not so famous worldwide as he deserves. His early productions are marked by downtempo and chillout traces. However, nowadays, Parov has attended what looks his real calling: the vibrant and dancing electro-swing!*(I had some work to find a discography of this guy,and despite my efforts, i could not share with you his first album “Shadow Kingdom“, nor the Ep “Music I believe in” so if anyone knows where I find these two rarities, keep in touch;).See Also Parov Stelar’s >Lastfm

Discography Download (Link p/1 p/2 p/3)

2004.Rough Cuts
2005.Seven and Storm
2007.Femme Fatale (Wolf Myer Orchestra & Parov Stelar)
2009.That Swing
2006/2009.Parov Stelar Remixes
2002.Lo Tech Trash
2004.Move On!
2004.Wanna get
2004.Get Up on Your Feet
2005.A Night In Torino
2006.Parov Stelar
2006.Charleston Butterfly
2007.Jet Set
2008.The Flame Of Fame
2008.A Magic Afternoon
2008.Libella Swing
2010.The Phantom

Hot Tip:

Libella Swing
Lost in Amsterdan
Chambermaid Swing
Blind Alley
Good Bye Emily
A Night In Torino
The Panthom


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