Music Hot Tip – Emilíana Torrini

Posted: August 22, 2010 in Indie
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Emiliana Torrini is a half Icelandic, half Italian singer. Prior to her appearance on the worldwide stage, she released 3 other albums in Iceland: “Spoon” in 1994, “Crouçie D’où Là” in 1995, and “Merman” in 1996. In November 1999 Emilíana Torrini released her international debut album, “Love in the Time of Science”,in a style clearly directed to Trip Hop. “Fisherman’s Woman” is a very different beat, it’s dripping with sadness but more frequently imbued with almost magical optimism. signified a departure from her earlier electronic roots to an acoustic-folk sound; applying the ethereal beauty of her voice in a much more intimate setting.”Me And Armini” is Emilíana Torrini’s most captivating, ambitious album. Unveils a more adventurous new side of her musical personality but sacrifices some of the emotional intensity. Me and Armini  runs a gamut of emotions within its melodies and compositions.So, listen up one of the best albums of 2008.

Discography Download:

1994 – Spoon
1995 – Crouçie D’où Là
1996 – Merman
1999 – Love in the Time of Science
2000 – Rarities
2005 – Fisherman’s Woman
2008 – Me and Armini

Hot Tip:

Jungle Drum – (Me and Armini)
Me and Armini –  (Me and Armini)
Bir Jumps –  (Me and Armini)
Birds –  (Me and Armini)
Gun –  (Me and Armini)
Fisherman’s Woman –  (Fisherman’s Woman)
Heartstopper –  (Fisherman’s Woman)
Sunny Road –  (Fisherman’s Woman)
Dead Things –  (Love in the Time of Science)
Baby Blue(Love in the Time of Science)


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